Our Company

Eevia Health targets important health challenges with bioactive ingredients and products extracted from sustainable, natural, organic raw materials from the Arctic flora!

We believe it is important to live happier and healthier – performing well and achieving great things in life. Good health plays an important role in supporting our lifestyle demands. Potent organic ingredients from the Arctic forests provide extra powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammations in our bodies and may reduce risks for future diseases. Better health is simply also better business!

Why are we called Eevia? Eevia is partly based on the Finnish girl’s name Eeva, and its symbolic meaning is “life”. It is also derived from the word Novia, meaning “new.” EEVIA means NEW LIFE!

Now we have left the pharmaceutical industry and we are only working with natural ingredients and superfood. The benefit is that we have taken all of the experience with us, so our products are developed by our experienced and innovative research and development department, and safely produced to the highest of standards. Nature has all the answers, regardless of the question!