Our production plant and facilities are certified to ISO 22 000, a Food Safety Management standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization. Requirements include the implementation of prerequisite programs, HACCP, and established documented food management safety system processes.

For us this also includes among others CAPA and a Quality assurance with change control. We have strict release procedures for both raw material and our end products to ensure consistent high quality results.

We are proud to have all our products and facilities organic certified to the EU standard by Evira, the Finnish Food Safety Authority. Our production sites are visited regularly to confirm our compliance and renew our certificates.



  • ISO 22 000


IQ Net ISO 22000 Kauhajoki 

Eevia Kauhajoki ISO 22000

  • Food and Nutraceutical manufacturing license from local authorities Evira based on HACCP

Organic Certificate Evira

  • Euroleaf Organic certification