Safe Products

We interpret safety in a broader sense, incorporating food safety, product quality, commercial reliability and social responsibility. Our QA-system (Quality Assurance) ensures clear procedures, processes and current policies to maintain the high level of safety. We utilize ingredients, which are picked up in the organically certified Finnish forests. Our products, facilities, and QA system are organically certified to the EU standard by Ruokavirasto, the Finnish Food Safety Authority. We also hold the ISO 22 000 certificate for our QA-system. Customers, Ruokavirasto, FDA, Inspection agencies and other constituents visit our production site regularly to confirm the compliance with regulations and renew the certificates. Eevia Health has a strict release protocol for both raw material and end products to ensure consistently the high quality of ingredients. This allows us to claim that our products are clear, organic, and safe.

Organic Certification

Did you know that 99% of the Finnish forests in the Arctic region are organic certified? The organic certification of wild raw materials gives the assurance of the origin, authenticity, and traceability, and guarantees that biodiversity of the wild forest environment is maintained. Organic certification makes natural choices simple and easy.

Why to Choose Organic Products?

  1. Pesticide free. As the standards for products labelled as organic are written down in the European Union, they are under a strict surveillance. This guarantees that all organic–labelled products are pesticide free, and these products do not include any unnecessary additives such as artificial pigments or flavor enhancers.
  2. Environment friendly. Because organic agriculture does not use synthetic chemicals, there is no risk of contaminating the soil and underground water. Thus, it is safe for the wildlife in the area. In addition, organic products tend to also have a smaller carbon footprint than the non-organic corresponding products.
  3. Skin and body friendly. Skin is humans biggest organ, which absorbs the ingredients you put on your body. This may include also the common artificial chemicals such as parabens and phthalates. Many of the artificial chemicals have been recorded as allergens. With organic cosmetics, you will apply only natural ingredients to your skin and eventually your body.

The Growing Popularity

Consumers are increasingly opting for organics and plant-based solutions, driven by their need for greater trust. According to the Organic Trade Association (OTA), US residents spend annually nearly $50 billion on organic products. They also claim that over 82% of the households are buying at least some of their products as organic. In 2016, the European organic retail sales grew by 11.4%, making the European market to reach 33.5 billion euros (Source: Research Institute for Organic Agriculture). The organic market has shown the significant growth within the last couple of years, and it will continue to grow.