Effective, Safe and Sustainable

Eevia Health targets health problems with bioactive extracts from plant material. The human body has an incredible ability to restore good health. However, sometimes the body needs active support. Our mission is to support good health and well-being with plant extracts which have scientifically documented health benefits. Eevia Health manufactures and markets organic ingredients from abundant plant material in the Arctic. Our products are targeted against low-grade inflammation, eye and brain health problems, and metabolic disorders. We collaborate with scientists in Finland and abroad to scientifically substantiate the positive effects of ingredients and also to document the safety of use.

The values we create for branded products, and hence consumers, using our ingredients, are the value of truly effective, safe, and sustainable products. We make ingredient products, which has proven beneficial effects. We have strict quality control procedures to secure the safety of our products, which have been certified under ISO 22 000 and other regulations. The value chain is short and efficient to ensure sustainability, including a low carbon footprint and environmentally safe harvest procedures. Every step of our production is diligent and responsible.

We are among the most transparent and sustainable ingredient companies in the world and the only one using arctic plant materials. We offer products for different application areas such as dietary supplements, food and drinks, superfood, cosmetics, and colors and flavors. The organic ingredients that we specialize in are extracted from wild-harvested organic bilberry, lingonberry, chaga mushroom, and pine bark.

You can find more information on application areas, products, and values from the related sections in the upper menu. We are happy to answer your questions and provide additional information on our products. Feel free to contact us!