Arctic Organic Ingredients

High-quality Arctic Plant Extracts

Eevia Health is a wholesale supplier of organic bioactive extracts from arctic plant material abundant in the pristine forests of the Nordic Lapland.
Our mission is to support health and well-being with extracts with scientifically documented health benefits, as nature intended.

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Indications / Product Lines Bilberry Extracts Lingonberry Extracts Elderberry Extracts Tart Cherry Extracts Pine Bark Extracts Chaga Extracts
Cellular Health
Cardiovascular Health
Eye Health
Healthy Aging
Cognitive Health
Metabolic Health
Muscles, Joints & Performance
Digestive Support
Quality of Sleep


Eevia Health manufactures and markets organic ingredients from abundant wild plant material in the Arctic. We use a innovative production platform to obtain high yields and more value from the material.


The value chain is short and efficient to ensure sustainability, including lowest carbon footprint in the industry and environmentally safe harvest procedures. Every step of our production is diligent and responsible.


We have strict quality control procedures to secure the safety of our products, which have been certified under ISO 22 000 and other regulations. Quality of each batch is assured by third party analytics lab.


We collaborate with scientists in Finland and abroad to scientifically substantiate the safe and positive health effects to support cellular health, inflammation management, eye and cognitive health, and metabolic functions.

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