The Heroes of Health

Nature and science help to maintain good health

Health is our most valuable treasure. Yet, we often do not pay sufficient attention to it, ignoring small but crucial changes. For instance, low grade inflammation creates conditions which may cause the buildup of plaque in the walls of arteries. As the plaque develops, the arteries narrow and blood circulation slows down. This increases the risk of experiencing various heart disorders, inflammation, infections, respiratory problems, and blindness. Another example is related to a basic function in the cells of our body – autophagy, which is the way cells clean themselves and the body from metabolite waste material. The autophagy process sometimes slows down, for example, with age. This may lead to the overfilling with waste material inside cells, causing serious problems, such as macula degeneration in the retina.

However, it is possible to maintain good health and even prevent particular diseases, avoiding the deterioration and unhealthy conditions. It is better to take precautions, than cope with a disease or unhealthy condition, sometimes incurable and irreversible. This is why the choice of a proper life style and self-care is significant.

Taking care of your health or sometimes the health of beloved ones is a continuous effort, which requires dedication. This dedication is a number of conscious actions in the fight for the healthy body and brain. In this fight, you have two heroic allies to help you. The first ally is the power of nature in the form of natural and organic nutrition products, which are packed with bioactive compounds, such as plant polyphenols. In its turn, such bioactive compounds have strong anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation, and immunomodulation effects. These natural bioactive compounds can effectively support your health.

Your other ally in the fight for good health is the scientists, who diligently search for preventive measures against diseases. With devotion, they work for a higher purpose – to find new solutions to serious health problems. Eevia Health Oy is collaborating with and supporting dedicated research teams at top-level universities and research centers. The scientists, that Eevia Health cooperates with, work to identify, understand, and eliminate the originating factors of the deterioration in health. The aim of this collaboration is to address the precursors for key health problems, such as low grade inflammation or reduced autophagy, with new nutritional intervention products.

Branding companies and distributors ensure effective products

The heroic efforts of our scientists have resulted in practical health beneficial products, which are available to you. To ensure that effective and safe products reach you, we work with the diligent and competent branding companies and distributors in the nutraceutical industry. These distributors and branding companies are committed to find better solutions to maintain good health through new nutrition, super food, dietary supplements, and other products. They seek quality assurance of raw materials, verified quality in processing, prudent scientific substantiation, and the proof of safety and regulatory compliance. The distributors and branding companies choose Eevia Health because we keep high standards and constantly work on new verified health benefits. We focus on better application support, better quality control, secured supply and food safety for our authentic products.

Eevia Health support healthy life style

We call these products ‘prophyceuticals’ because these nutraceuticals can acts as prophylactics for your health. In Eevia Health, we have competence related to the health effects of natural plant extracts. We take into account the silent knowledge and experience that our predecessors made of using natural products for thousands of years. We bring this knowledge together with modern science to validate possible health effects of standardized plant extracts, sometimes developing a new insight on the positive effects such extracts may have.

Besides, Eevia Health is sourcing wild harvested raw plant materials from a uniquely clean and pure arctic forest. This enables us to have clean products, almost free from any pollutants. Due to the special conditions in these forests, the plants produce extremely potent secondary metabolites. These metabolites are the defense mechanism for plants. Also, they have strong biological effects on humans. All our products are organically certified, natural, and sustainable; moreover, we follow a short value-chain to ensure a low carbon footprint.

Our mission is to work closely with scientists to find out how to support your health and wellbeing with bioactive plant extracts. In addition, Eevia Health cooperates with the distributors and branding companies of the nutraceutical world to offer you products with substantiated health effects and top quality standards. Using these products, you experience and share a piece of Nordic nature. Nordic nature can act as a guardian of good health, offering you effective prophylactics against health problems.

We encourage self-love and self-care. Prevent rather than repair. Seek enlightenment and new knowledge to make a free and informed choice of your own. Be vigilant with your health, when choosing your diet. Stay natural with clean and sustainable products. We, the scientists, the distributors and the branding companies support you in the fight for good health.