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Up north in the Arctic forests plant grow entirely uncultivated in a pristine environment. The combination of the extended harsh winters and 24-hour sunlight during the summer growing season packs plants with extra antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Organic certification

Did you know that 99% of the Finnish forests in the Arctic region are organic certified? Organic certification of wild raw materials give assurance of the origin, authencity, and traceability, and guarantees that biodiversity of the wild forest environment is maintained.

Consumers are increasingly opting for organics and plant-based solutions, driven by their need for greater trust. Organic certification makes natural choices simple and easy.


Organic certified potent ingredients from the Arctic provide a wide range of new business opportunities for supplement, superfoods, food & beverage and cosmetic industries.

Bilberry extracts — Organic bilberry extract

These potent anthocyanins are made in the only extraction facility in the Nordic countries, very close to the collection area. The raw material is a locally hand-picked wild bilberry, and this ingredient is the most sustainable and eco-friendly extract you can get in the market. Our bilberries are 100% traceable and authentic.


Pine bark extracts — Pine bark extract

A growing number of people suffer from poor blood pressure, poor blood lipoprofile and inflammation issues.  This powerful natural prophylactic extract from organic Arctic pine bark helps in maintaining better cardiovascular health.


Chaga extracts — Chaga Mushroom Extract

This wild medicinal mushroom, the Arctic Chaga, is the strongest anti-oxidant in nature. The Chaga extract is also a strong and relentless immune-modulator. Besides Beta-Glucans and  polyphenols, it contains betulinic acid, bioavailable to humans. The power ingredient to walk the Hippocrates talk and “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


Other Bilberry products — Organic bilberry powders and juice concentrate

As side products from our organic bilberry extract production we are manufacturing the following products in larger quantities: Organic Bilberry Berry Powder Grade A (whole berry powder, especially suitable for superfood applications) Organic Bilberry Berry Powder Grade D (dried extract mesh powder with high fiber content, suitable for bakery, cereals and other food applications) Organic […]