Authentic bilberry organic extract from the arctic Organic bilberry extract

  • 4 times more powerful than cultivated blueberry
  • Improves eye health (for modern-day screen junkies)
100% natural
100% organic
100% vegan
100% wild
No additives
No gluten

Bilberry extract is widely known for its good taste. Furthermore, it also has many health benefits.

Eevia Health uses wild bilberry picked by hand, it follows that we care for sustainability. Therefore, this ingredient is the most sustainable you can get in the market, our bilberries are 100% traceable and authentic.

Product features

Indication Eye health, Metabolic modulation
Bioactive Anthocyanins
Variations Arctic wild bilberry extract microencapsulated powder


Feno-Myrtillus® 36 Organic
Feno-Myrtillus® 25 Organic
Feno-Myrtillus® 5 Organic
Feno-Myrtillus® 1 Organic
Feno-Myrtillus® 5 L Organic (Liquid Extract)