Pine bark extract powder (Fenoprolic 70 Organic) Spray dried organic pine bark extract powder

  • Protects against oxidative damage in blood vessel
  • Strong anti-inflammatory agent
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Powder to be used in tablets, hard gels, sachets and other dosage forms
  • Less than 10% contaminants compared to other pine bark extracts
  • 70% OPCs (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins)
100% natural
100% organic
100% vegan
100% wild
No additives
No gluten

The new product is made from a new novel cold processing approach, developed by Eevia Health, which maintains the highest quality of the nutrients possible from this raw material. The cold process allows production of high concentrations of low-molecular weight oligomeric proanthocyanidin extracts using green chemistry techniques. The resulting product out-performs other pine bark extracts on most parameters, for instance purity. It specifies less than 10% of pollutants compared to other pine bark extracts.

The extreme purity is also supported by the choice to source the raw material from forests in the Finnish Lapland, north of the arctic circle in Finland. The northern conditions give great advantages to the wild plants that grow there naturally. The nature of Finnish Lapland is extremely clean and pure. The area is very sparsely inhabited. The population density is only 2 people per km². This leaves most of the space for the abundant, wild nature.  The purity of Finnish Lapland can be seen, for example from the lead content of the soil. Lead in soil is less than 15 mg per kilogram, while the corresponding number in Central Europe is typically 20-40 mg per kilogram.  The air quality in Lapland, with winds coming in from the arctic Barents Sea, is also Europe’s best.

The resulting Fenoprolic® 70 Organic is the purest pine bark extract ever manufactured. That has allowed Eevia Health to make universal reductions in specified contaminant levels to fractions of their previous limits. For example, the total heavy metal levels are now specified to less than one parts per million (< 1 ppm). This puts Fenoprolic® 70 Organic in an unparalleled position, in terms of contaminant quality, dozens of times lower than typical competitor specifications.



Fenoprolic® 70 Organic