Eevia Health Plc received new sales orders for organic pine bark extract

Eevia Health Plc, (”Eevia” or ”The Company”), announces that it has received sales orders from a leading organic supplement brand for supply of the Fenoprolic® 70 Organic (organic pine bark extract). The sales value of this start order is c.65,000 EUR, but the customer has a strong record on new product launches, and it is therefore expected to create repeat sales of this product going forward.   

Eevia exhibited at the trade show “Supply Side West” in Las Vegas this week (25-28.10.21). In connection to this exhibit Eevia received a start order for EUR 65,000 worth of Fenoprolic® 70 Organic (pine bark extract), from one of the leading organic brands in the US. The customer is a leader in natural, organic supplements, functional food, and health care with over 100 products under one strong company brand. The customer launches the product in multiple sales channels in North America. 

Fenoprolic® 70 Organic is an extract from pine bark, which is standardized with 70% oligomeric proanthocyanidins (or often referred to as “OPCs” in the industry). OPCs from pine bark are known to support healthy inflammatory response, maintain a healthy blood pressure and protects against oxidative damage in blood vessels. Eevia stands out by offering an organic certified product and with ten times stricter purity standards for pollutants than key competitors. 

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