Erik Eide to the new position of Commercial Director

Erik Eide to the new position of Commercial Director

To advance the commercial development of Eevia Health, we are thrilled to announce that Erik Eide has joined our team as Commercial Director.

It is a new position that will be key to future revenue generation. Erik’s focus is on developing Eevia Health’s position as a trusted supplier of nutraceutical ingredients. He complements the leadership team with senior-level experience in growth-oriented health and wellness businesses.

Erik has worked for nearly 20 years in the nutraceutical industry with over 14 years in sales, marketing, and management functions at Vitaco Health, one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplement manufacturers. Erik brings extensive skills in identifying opportunities in emerging health food and supplementation trends. He has a solid track record for establishing the conditions required for growth. Erik drove the introduction of the Aussie Bodies brand into mainstream Australian and New Zealand markets and led the overhaul and relaunch of the now-leading sports nutrition brand Musashi.

Eevia will benefit from the experience in developing and leading teams with a deep understanding of the commercial requirements for establishing meaningful internal and external partnerships. Erik is well-suited to develop further the current distributor network having most recently led one of Australia’s largest certified organic distributors.

As our new Commercial Director, Erik will be responsible for identifying and building commercial relationships and overseeing the development of Eevia’s organic value proposition. All sales, marketing, and customer service functions will report to Erik and work with him to ensure a sustainable growth path for Eevia Health.

The largest market for nutraceutical ingredients is in North America. Erik will be based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, and will be able to improve the service level and value creation for North American partners and customers, as well as partners globally.

We warmly welcome Erik to this new role. His strong experience in solution sales and nutraceuticals in the international environment has led to success in his previous roles. Erik brings a deep understanding of how companies work on operational and executive levels, and how to create value for customers. He will contribute significantly to the success and global growth of Eevia and we are extremely pleased with him joining our team.