Well-being from Finnish berries

Summer is going to end and it’s time for autumnal season to show its beauty with yellows and reds on the ground of Finland. It’s also time for forest berries to reach their best unique taste ripen after white summer nights. Being packed with tastily sweet flavors and vitamins, Finnish berries are like healthy treasures for your body desires.

Bilberry is known as noble blue which is listed to belong to “superfoods” group. This recognition happens for the fact that bilberry owns many fatty acids such as vitamins A, B and C, omega 3 and 6 as well as antioxidants. Bilberry stays in powder type still maintains those healthy acids and is even easier for you to store and process your food in the way you want.

Lingonberry on the other hand is described as spicy red. With rich source of vitamin E and uniquely sour flavors, the berries are the red pearls of Finnish summer forests.

Being compared as the gold of Lapland forest because of its peachy yellow color, Cloudberry is busting with sweetness and finest taste. Many people are addicted to this small berry not only because of its tasty flavor but also because of health-giving properties it contains.

Sea-buckthorn berry offers one of the widest ranges of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. This small but powerful berry can protect against heart disease, cancer, sun damage and natural aging signs.


With all of these incredible benefits in mind, it’s a big fault neglecting these small berries that contribute so much to our well-being in many ways.


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