Introduction to Fenoprolic

Bioequivalence with the best – learn about our BioMAP phenotype human primary cell study

Eevia conducted a comparative study of Fenoprolic 70 Organic and Pycnogenol on the Eurofins BioMAP discovery platform. The BioMAP investigates bioactivity in 12 systems with over 50 biomarkers and 150 protein markers. The study showed that the Fenoprolic had identical bioactivity across all systems and biomarkers, except for slightly better bioactivity on four biomarkers. Pine bark is known for its particular health-beneficial effects. This natural ingredient is well-known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

The purest pine bark extract in the world

Fenoprolic 70 Organic is made with green chemistry. The level of contaminants is less than 10% of other extracts. The extreme purity of products is supported by the choice to source the raw material from forests in the Finnish Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle in Finland. The northern conditions give significant advantages to wild plants that grow there naturally. The nature of Finnish Lapland is clean and pure. The population density in the area is only 2 people per km², which leaves most of the space for the abundant, wild nature.  The purity of Finnish Lapland can be seen, for example, from the lead content in the soil. The concentration of lead in the soil is less than 15 mg per kilogram, while the corresponding number in Central Europe is typically 20-40 mg per kilogram.

From forest to dietary supplement

The new pine products are made with a novel cold processing approach, exclusively developed by Eevia Health. This new approach maintains the highest quality of the nutrients possible from this raw material. The cold processing allows the production of high concentrations of low-molecular weight oligomeric proanthocyanidin extracts to use green chemistry techniques. The resulting products outperform other pine bark extracts on most parameters, for instance, purity. This specifies less than 10% of pollutants compared to other pine bark extracts.

Eevia offering

Eevia offers Fenoprolic Organic with 70% proanthocyanidins. Our Pine Bark Extract from Pinus Sylvestris has the widest bioactivity in the market.

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