Eevia commissions new analytical equipment

Eevia Health commissions new analytical equipment for analyzing anthocyanins and polyphenols

Eevia Health has commissioned a new High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analytical equipment from Shimadzu, which significantly increases the capacity to undertake analyses of polyphenols.

The new HPLC is a Shimadzu Nexera Lite 440 bar. It has automated sampling functionality and a huge range of specialized and advanced features, which constitutes the state of the art in liquid chromatography analytics.

The HPLC-based methods are the gold standard for analyzing anthocyanins and polyphenols. It provides not only total polyphenols but breaks them down into each specific anthocyanin. For bilberry, there are 16 recognized anthocyanins which also should appear with a certain profile to pass ID test criteria under European and US pharmacopeia monographs.

The new HPLC from Shimadzu significantly improves the analytical capacity of Eevia and therefore enables the company to increase efforts to control the raw material Eevia purchases, internal process control, and analytics necessary for product release to the market.

“I am extremely pleased with the new HPLC. It provides a much higher capacity, significantly better specificity, and has an ease of use which is remarkable. We can now keep up with both Internal Process Control samples, as well as raw material and finished goods release jobs.” says Joonas Hast, Eevia Health Lab Technician.