Eevia receives a renewed Kosher certificate

Eevia receives a renewed Kosher certificate

Eevia Health Plc, (”Eevia” or ”The Company”), has re-established its Kosher certification. The Jewish Community of Helsinki has validated Eevia’s Kosherization and certified the Kosher and Parve status of the company products.

The Kosher certification verifies that the ingredients, and production processes, including all machinery, and/or food-service processes, comply with the standards of Jewish dietary law. This means Eevia Health follows a strict policy of Kosher food laws and can assure high quality and safe products. The Parve status confirms that the products are not of meat or milk origin.

Eevia had earlier a Kosher certification from OK Kosher in New Your, but this certification was discontinued for some period. After several customer requests, Eevia re-established the procedures necessary to comply with Kosher and engaged with the Jewish Community of Helsinki Maintaining

Food products certified as Kosher are consumed not only by followers of Judaism but also by followers of Islam, vegetarians, and consumers who place a high priority on food safety. Kosher certification creates therefore clear value for certain key customers and Eevia expects to receive some new orders and sales contracts because of the re-certification.

You can download our Kosher certificate here.