Stein Ulve talked on Immune Health and Feno-Chaga® in a Webinar

Barrington Nutritionals arranged an Innovations webinar on April 16th, featuring Stein Ulve, the CEO of Eevia Health Oy. In the webinar-presentation Stein details how Eevia Health’s Feno-Chaga® leads the way to better immune health. You can see Stein’s presentation here: Webinar on immune health.

In the Barrington-webinar, the CEO of Eevia Health, Stein Ulve, talks about the importance of the ability of our body and immune system to fight off pathogens. Eevia Health Oy makes a highly concentrated Chaga extract, the Feno-Chaga® Organic, which has multiple positive health effects in humans. Published research on Chaga and its impact on the immune system and immune health challenges, is also starting to become abundant. In a recent whitepaper released by Eevia Health Oy, you can also read about research data on the Feno-Chaga® Organic and the three main ways in which it influences the immune system:

· Boost T- and B-type lymphocyte activity and proliferation

· Mediate macrophage phagocytosis and increases IFN-γ and TNF-α production

· Reduce IgE production during allergenic exposures

You can download the whitepaper here: Immune effects of Feno-Chaga Organic