Why we celebrate the International Day of Forests in pandemic times?

In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly decided to celebrate the International Day of Forests every year on March 21. The day is to raise awareness of different types of forests and the importance of forest protection. The theme for this year is ‘Forest and Biodiversity.’

Forests are ‘the lungs of the Earth

A wide range of forests covers our beautiful planet. Forests are home to a significant number of plants, insects, and animals. Forests are complex ecosystems; and they are the source of food and raw materials. Today, forests cover more than 30% of the world’s land and contain more than 60,000 tree species. Thus, forests provide food, fiber, water, and medicines for billions of people.

Eevia Health’s mission is to address global health problems with bioactive extracts from plant material from the forest. We manufacture bioactive extracts from wild-harvested organic forest plant material, such as organic bilberry, chaga, pine bark, and lingonberry. The extracts are used as dietary supplements and improve the human immune system, counteract aging processes, and provide anti-microbial protection.

Furthermore, besides being renewable with a sustainable harvest, these natural products are pure and free from pollutants. Moreover, these materials contain healthy nutrients, polyphenols and other health beneficial compounds. As a matter of fact, most of the Finnish Arctic forests are organically certified. In short, the Finnish forest provides us with essential health products, which can prolong our health and even prevent particular diseases. Working tightly with raw materials from the pristine Arctic forests, Eevia Health is especially happy to join the celebration of the International Day of Forests.

Our collective duty to protect biodiversity

It is our collective duty to protect forests and their inhabitants for future generations. Finland is famous for its close connection to nature and forests in particular. The Finnish people have been ranked as the happiest people in the world three years in a row, and we believe one important factor is that the Finnish population spends a lot of free time outside cities, hiking in forests, picking up berries, and collecting mushrooms. The vast territory of the country is forests – around 75%.  

We need to take care of the forest as the forest takes care of us, providing us with fresh air, food, and even medicine. So today, we join the UN in the celebration of forest and biodiversity.

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