High quality Bilberry NFC Juice and Juice Concentrate – Best price in the market!

Eevia Health has invested in new equipment which provides much larger capacity in the manufacturing of berry products. Production is now growing fast. That includes production of Bilberry NFC Juice and Juice Concentrate (65 Brix).

The NFC juice (Not From Concentrate) is pasteurized and packed in 200kg barrels. They can also be packed to 1.000kg IBC pallet containers from request. The juice concentrate (65 Brix) can be delivered in 20kg canisters, 200kg barrels or in 1.000kg IBC pallet containers.

Eevia Health’s raw material is hand-picked from the abundant forests of Finnish Lapland and the juices are top quality. However, as these are side products to our extraction process, Eevia Health has decided to offer the lowest price in the market for high quality juice based products.

Most of the juices we manufacture are organic. Bilberry Juice Concentrate has been made from 100% bilberry juice (vaccinium myrtillus) and it is especially suitable for beverages. The dark purple –colored juice tastes quite similar to blueberry juice, but it has more intense flavor and stronger antioxidant properties. Bilberry also contains plenty of vitamins A and B and also manganese, fiber and flavonoids.

We are looking for customers to make sales contracts both spot and for longer term delivery schedules. We guarantee we can offer the best prices in the market for vaccinium myrtillus juice products. If you would like to know more about the quantity and pricing of our Bilberry Juice Concentrate, please contact us on high5@eeviahealth.com . Free samples are also available.

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