The most valuable wood product ever exported from Finland

Finland is known for its vast and well-managed forests. When compared to other wood products exported from Finland, the organic pine bark extract Eevia Health exports, is by far the most valuable. The product is named Fenoprolic 50 and it  has many great health indications such as reducing inflammation, positive antioxidant effects in the brain and having a positive effect on cardiovascular health. In the chart below we have made a price comparison with some common wood based items.

As shown in the chart, the price difference (€/kg) between cellulose and Fenoprolic 50 is large. Of course cellulose and wood planks are sold in large quantities, but Eevia Health is experiencing a growth in global demand. This is driven by the fact that Eevia Health is offering a natural organic health ingredient in competition with synthetic alternatives. It helps that 25% of the world’s organic certified forests are located in Finland. In arctic Lapland, where Eevia Health gets its pine bark from, 99% of the forests is certified organic.

The explanation for the value of pine bark stems from the high concentration of the humanly bioactive compound oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). Eevia Health manufactures extracts that contain more than 50% OPC. Branded companies like Garden Of Life in the US develop and market various indication specific formulations using the Eevia Health ingredient as an important part.

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