Our Company

Eevia Health is a Finnish-Norwegian life science company. Our main office is located in Seinäjoki, and our production facilities are in Kauhajoki. We target important health challenges with bioactive ingredients and products extracted from natural, organic raw materials from the arctic flora.

We believe it is important to live happier and healthier. Good health plays an important role in supporting the current lifestyle demands. Our organic ingredients from the arctic forests provide extra powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammations in our bodies and may reduce risks for future diseases. Eevia Health is networked with Universities and other research organizations in Scandinavia to leverage our ability to deliver outstanding products. Our main focus is related to anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation in the human body. Better health is simply also better business!

Quality and sustainability are a part of Eevia Health’s core values. We are certified with ISO 22 000 and we have a strict release protocol for both raw material and end products to ensure consistent high quality results. We take sustainability in consideration in every part of our supply chain, and have created a sustainability manual that helps us to ensure constant efforts to meet our goals.