Eye Health

It is not surprise that we value our eyesight and one reason for that is the fact that cells in certain parts of eye do not regenerate making these the only other cell type that does not divide. However sometimes the eye health may start to degrade. There are transient reasons such as eye fatigue due to the display work but also permanent and treatable causes such as age-related macular degeneration affected by estimated 196 people in the world1. One contributor for the macular degeneration is the impaired autophagy process2. As a result, waste material remains inside the cell causing degeneration in the retina. This may lead to the distortion of eyesight or even blindness.

There are substances that have shown promising results for supporting eye health in clinical studies. As an example, supplementation with anthocyanins from bilberry have shown positive results for the symptoms of age-related macular degeneration and eye fatigue3. Procyanidins present for example in lingonberry and pine bark has also been shown to contribute eye health in cell studies4.

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