A 230 KSEK/21 KEUR starting sales order for a new Lingonberry product to a new customer

Eevia Health Plc, (”Eevia” or ”The Company”), has received a 21 KEUR sales order from its Australian distributor Ingredients Plus for a new product made from Lingonberry, after a new customer has decided to launch a new product with the Lingonberry ingredient as a key component.

The end customer, which is new to Eevia, is a major natural health company based out of Sydney, Australia selling its consumer products across Oceania. The sales value to Eevia of this new order is c. 21 000 EUR. The product is a Lingonberry extract that contains bioactive proanthocyanidins, a bioactive compound often referred to in the nutraceutical industry called PACs. Eevia’s distributor, Ingredients Plus, serves leading nutraceutical brands in Oceania and Asia with high-quality ingredients.

The Lingonberry powder from Eevia is produced for the first time using Gum Arabic Acacia in the spray drying process, which provides an additional unique selling point. Gum Arabic is based on high

molecular polysaccharides obtained from the stems and branches of Acacia bushes. It allows customers to use an ingredient without the use of maltodextrin, which is unpopular in consumer groups focused on organic products.

“Although this is only a small start order which takes less than a day to produce, I am extremely excited to see that we are succeeding in developing sales of the Lingonberry products and to reach new customers. The Lingonberry from northern Sweden and Finland is just an amazing raw material source. The Arctic Lingonberry has numerous unique properties. It has natural anti-microbial effects, and high concentrations of proanthocyanidins, two more than the four proanthocyanidins you get from Cranberry. This evergreen plan provides a very stable biomass of fruit year after year. The Swedish and Finnish forests produce more than a million tons of Lingonberries. We are picking only a tiny fraction of that. It tastes good, looks good with vibrant red color, and with its strong health benefits, we have the potential to cannibalize a large cranberry market and also other segments with a superior product” says Stein Ulve, CEO of Eevia Health.

Download the full press release here.