Eevia being followed by Analyst Group

Analyst Group Initiates equity research Coverage of Eevia Health Plc, (”Eevia” or ”The Company”).

The financial analyst Rosan Tekin and the equity research firm Analyst Group started tracking Eevia and issued a first equity analysis report last week. The report can be found here.

Analyst Rosan Tekin summarized the investment case:

Eevia Health offers organic plant extracts for food nutraceuticals, drinks, and cosmetics under different brands. The Company is at a stage where it aims to increase production capacity, focus on higher-margin extracts, and develop new proprietary ingredients targeting eye disorders, which could be strong value drivers ahead. Having a broad product portfolio and high demand from customers, Eevia Health is entering a fast-growth phase, where an EBIT of EUR 4.8m is estimated in 2026. Based on an applied EV/EBIT multiple of 5x on estimated EBIT, and a discount rate of 14%, this yields an equity value per share of SEK 8.8 in a Base scenario. In conclusion, we see several drivers as well as market trends in Eevia’s favor, and where steps in the right direction should reduce the current valuation discount.”

The Analyst Group comment related to Eevia Health Plc is made on their behalf. Readers may assume that Analyst Group has received compensation for making the comment, but Eevia has not had any opportunity to influence the parts where Analyst Group has had opinions about the Company, future valuation, or anything else that could be considered a subjective assessment.