Eevia launches a new dietary supplement ingredient

Eevia launches a new dietary supplement ingredient, Feno-Cerasus™, for cognitive health

Eevia Health has developed a new plant extract with product benefits for cognitive health and improved sleep. The new product, Feno-Cerasus™, is launched today at a major trade show in Las Vegas, US, the Supply Side West. The new ingredient is a standardized anthocyanin extract from tart cherry (Prunus Cerasus). Eevia Health focuses on the cognitive effects of the new products, including sleep quality and quantity, memory, as well as stress, and cortisol levels.

The main health benefit Eevia Health is promoting is improved cognitive function. Tart cherry has one clinical study with 37 subjects showing a positive effect on cognitive performance. Another four clinical studies with 63 subjects documented positive outcomes in sleep quality parameters. From PubMed 10/2022 one can also observe that 39 clinical studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Tart Cherries have been studied for Muscle recovery (15 studies, 280 subjects), Metabolic health (8 studies, 180 subjects), Cardiovascular health (5 studies, 150 subjects), Antioxidant properties in clinical studies (2 studies, 59 subjects), and positive results also in pain (2 studies, 108 subjects). Eevia Health’s recent strategic focus on cellular recycling also is supported as the tart cherry has preclinical evidence of autophagy induction via AMPK signal pathway and anti-inflammatory properties via Sirtuin6 activation of cyanidin, which has been confirmed in in-vitro studies 

Eevia’s manufacturing also ensures sustainability with the lowest Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) known in the industry. The Feno-Cerasus is organically certified under NOP, Euroleaf, Ecocert, JAS, and other standards. It is standardized to 10% Anthocyanins including anthocyanins with cyanidin-3-glucoside and cyanidin-3-rutinoside. Eevia Health’s superior extraction and purification technology provide for a superior bioactive and nutritional profile. Feno-Cerasus™ is high on other polyphenols with a natural spectrum of polyphenolic compounds. It is a non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan ingredient with an excellent taste profile, highly suitable for gummies and other applications. Feno-Cerasus™ Organic is a superior standardized product with superior bioactive content available benefits 

“We are pleased to offer a new anthocyanin extract for cognitive health. The maintenance of cognitive health is a growing area for consumers. Eevia Health already has customer interest. The product will have perhaps the highest concentration of anthocyanins in the industry, while providing also a whole spectrum of other health-beneficial polyphenols as well.” says Petri Lackman, CTO of Eevia Health.